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How to Create a Wedding Emergency Kit

No matter how much you plan for your big day, there is a probability that
some things might fall out of place. Unforeseen things can happen such as a
change in the weather condition, your gown zipper might go bad etc.
Therefore, there is a need to have a wedding emergency kit that will help
sort out the problem before it spoils your mood. Make sure it includes:

Medical mini emergency kit

Natural DIY Exfoliants And Facial Scrub Recipes For A Younger Looking Skin

One of the key steps to having radiant, younger looking skin is to get rid of old, dry, dead skin cells. And the best way to do that, of course, is to exfoliate.

Steal this Idea: DIY Yummy Soap Souvenirs

We absolutely love these yummy handcrafted soaps, they make great souvenirs and are a great way to say thank you to friends and family for their support on your wedding day. Futhermore, they are super easy to make and with some creativity, you can create your very own special soap designs. Plus they certainly beat the regular bar of soap that special 'aunty' of yours wants to distribute at your reception...lol

For detailed instructions watch the video below:

Steal this Idea: DIY Yarn Vases

These yarn vases are a simple way to repurpose any beverage bottle by turning it into a beautiful vase perfect for centre pieces...Would you make these for your event?

DIY: Ice Mold Champagne Bucket or Centrepiece

We absolutely love these DIY ice mold champagne buckets made of ICE. For step by step instructions...watch the video below:

Steal this Idea: Brooch Bouquets

We absolutely love brooch bouquets – they are not only beautiful, they make a great keepsake for years after your wedding. If you're extra creative with nimble fingers you can even make these yourself with a collection of beautiful brooches. For “do it yourself” instructions with pictures click here.