Themes & Colour Palettes

Wedding Inspiration: Bold Chevron Stripes

This super bold theme is for a modern bride who craves to be different.

Our Favourite Valentine Inspired Centre-pieces

Lovers day is right around the corner and we're in love with all that is divinely red! Our red focus today is, deliciously, rich, red centrepieces. You like?

Our Favourite Valentine Inspired Wedding Cakes

It's February, the month of St. Valentine and all things romantic. Today we're bring you our favourite valentine inspired cakes from around the web.

Get Inspired: Ribbon Romance

Incorporating ribbons in your theme or decoration is a great way to give your wedding a unique romantic look.

Colour Inspiration: Glam it up with Silver

Today's colour inspiration is simple, classy, ice cool silver, or glitzy, glamorous, bedazzling silver. It really depends on what you want to pull off. Going for a regal and oh so elegant look?

Green with Envy: Our Favourite Picks

In the spirit of Independence day, we're sharing our favourite green wedding decor pics with you.

Colour Inspiration: All that Glitters IS Gold

Today's inspiration comes from the colour of the sunrise - gold. Gold is a colour of many delights and can with just about any colour.

Colour Inspiration: Shades of Green

Green is a many varied colour. Sometimes, it can get confusing. When you say green, what shade of green do you mean? In this article, We have two very similar shades of green to consider.

Valentine Colour Inspiration: Red

Happy Valentine's Day! The colour red, is synonymous with love, with its vibrant rich tones it serves as a great compliment to a wide range of colours.

Colour Inspiration: Pink and Everything

If you think pink is a colour for girly girls think again, the pink wedding trend has been around for a while now and doesn't seem to be losing any steam.