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Pantone Colours For Spring 2016 - Serenity: Wedding Ideas

As promised, here's another one of Pantone's Top 10 colour picks! And this beautiful a beautiful shade of blue, hello to Serenity.

Monochrome Black & White Wedding Inspiration

The black and white colour scheme is a perfect blend classic, chic and modern and surprisingly easier to pull off than you think.

Pantone - Rose Quartz, Wedding Ideas

Introducing Rose Quartz, a dreamy shade of blush! So soft, so sweet, so absolutely romantic, this is the kind of colour that works effortlessly for Spring and Summer weddings!

Pantone Colours For Spring 2016 Fiesta Wedding Ideas

Pantone recently released their colours for spring 2016!

12 Photos That'll Make You Want An Outdoor Wedding

We adore the good old hall, ballroom, marquee reception just as much as anyone but there's just something about a well orchestrated outdoor wedding.

15 Elaborate Tablescapes

Tablescapes are an artistic arrangement of eye catching props on a table including flowers, candles, colour pops, etc and they are very vital for the beautification of a table setting.

Colour Your Wedding Marsala

We are still loving everything about Pantone's colour for 2015, Marsala. Known for it's bold richness, it can either be toned down or enhanced, totally depends on preference.

Colour Inspiration: Purple, Lilac & Champagne Gold

Today's colour feature was inspired by the email we received below:


Was introduced to your site today by a friend. I love what i've seen thus far. Kudos.

In Love With Colour: Colours & Themes for Every Reason and Season

Wedding colors and themes are as old as time, the trend continues today, seeing couples and wedding planners build themes around certain colour groups certainly isn't uncommon. The right colour combination is certainly a personal choice that sets the tone and vibe of your ceremony.

We have gathered an assortment of color hues from the lightest to the darkest shades and their meanings, to give you a head start on your wedding colours and theme.

Royal shades of purple...

'Shimmer-spiration' with Sequins

Once upon a time, anything to do with sequins in broad daylight spelled tacky with a capital 'T'.