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Garden Egg: A Must On Every Bride Price List

Garden Egg is one vegetable fruit that Nigerians adore. It is not only appetizing but also serves as an important item on the Bride-Price list of some ethnic groups.

Let's Ruffle Up Your Wedding Cake A Bit

For a seriously elegant look, skip the bold patterns and add-ons in favor of subtle embellishments with allover sugar ruffles. The look is light and airy and needs very little added detail.

11 Charming Naked Wedding Cakes

Thanks to Angelina Jolie, naked wedding cakes are trendier than ever. Naked wedding cakes forgo the outer layer of frosting exposing texture and colours of the cake inside.

10 Pretty Metallic Wedding Cakes

Check out these 10 very pretty metallic wedding cakes we absolutely adore them. These wedding cakes are designed to be chic and elegant in appearance.

Take a look and get inspired.

Cake Lust: Not Your Average Wedding Cakes

Gone are the days when wedding cakes had the same style, patterns, colours etc, these days, there are more cake artists pushing limits so you can have your wedding cake reflect your personal style

Delectable Valentine Cake Inspiration

Love is in the air! Valentine's day is right around the corner and if you haven't made any arrangements for your better half yet....'tsk tsk'.

Meet the Grooms Cake

Ever heard of the groom's cake?

7 Lip-Smacking Finger Foods For your Wedding & Parties

Superb cuisine, good company and fantastic music are the basic ingredients of a splendid wedding reception.

Is that A Cake?

Think you have seen it all when it comes to wedding cakes? We thought we had till we saw these cakes. These delightfully different cakes are almost too pretty to eat!