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DIY: Get that Perfect Finish with 'That Igbo Chick'

“Highligting and Contouring...” what? If like me, you have no idea what that means, then you definitely need to watch todays featured DIY make-up tutorial from thatigbochick.com. I'm sure you see all these perfectly coiffed women and wonder how they always seem to have that extra fresh flawless finish.

Loads of women are happy to shell out N5,000 – N15,000 per session to get that picture perfect finish, but for those bold and adventurous (or broke) enough to try it out themselves this video is the first step to beauty heaven. Enjoy!


Steal this Idea: DIY Yummy Soap Souvenirs

We absolutely love these yummy handcrafted soaps, they make great souvenirs and are a great way to say thank you to friends and family for their support on your wedding day. Futhermore, they are super easy to make and with some creativity, you can create your very own special soap designs. Plus they certainly beat the regular bar of soap that special 'aunty' of yours wants to distribute at your reception...lol

For detailed instructions watch the video below:

Steal this Idea: DIY Yarn Vases

These yarn vases are a simple way to repurpose any beverage bottle by turning it into a beautiful vase perfect for centre pieces...Would you make these for your event?

DIY: Ice Mold Champagne Bucket or Centrepiece

We absolutely love these DIY ice mold champagne buckets made of ICE. For step by step instructions...watch the video below:

DIY Cheap and Chic Pretty Centerpieces

We love this DIY Cheap and Chic Pretty Centerpieces. This easy beautiful centerpiece will work great with any colourful bloom...

Done this already? Share your pics with us in the comments...