The Art of 'Toasting'

This piece is pretty much for the bride and groom as it is for the all people who want to stand before everyone and wish the couple well or give a funny anecdote. As the bride and groom, it is imperative to let your maid of honor and best man know you’re what you look out for and what to avoid. I have been a guest at a fair share of weddings and heard a good amount of toasts. It’s amazing (not in a great way) some of the things people  say when they are under the influence of whatever.

Step Up to Your Role as the Maid of Honour

Okay you have been chosen as the maid of honour. Seriously, being selected out of the long list of girlfriends to be the maid of honour is a huge honour. But, as the saying goes, with great honour comes great responsibility. You can bask in the ambience all you like, but you need to live up to your title in name and of course in action. Remember this is an exciting time for your friend, but also an extremely hectic and taxing time as well. It’s important that you prep well and make conscious effort to ensuring the sanity of your friend  as she plans her wedding.

Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Planner

Let's face it, these days hiring a wedding planner is not a luxury. Nigerian weddings and parties have so many moving parts that it's easy to get overwhelmed and miss the very essence of the wedding or party. Unfortunately, due to the relative 'ease' it takes to start a wedding planning business there are lots of 'quack' planners. We have compiled the a few tips to help you spot the fakes and save yourself the agony. 

3 Step Guide to tying the knot at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry

There are two Federal Marriage Registries in Nigeria presently. The Federal Marriage Registry Abuja and the Federal Marriage Registry Lagos both under the Ministry of Interior.

We are zooming our lenses on The Federal Marriage Registry Ikoyi Lagos. We aim at providing you with a detailed guide/overview of pre-requisites and expectations when preparing to wed at the registry.

Five Tips To Help Plan Your Out of State Wedding

The out of town wedding is the most stressful of weddings to put together because you now have added factors to consider when planning. So, to avoid the above scenario, when you decide to have an out-of-town wedding, the following are additional things you should take notice of:

Create two budgets:
One for the wedding, the other for the logistics. It will make it easier to monitor how money is being spent and show you where you can cut costs from or add funds to.

Compiling the Wedding Guest List

Whenever I think about the wedding guest List, in fact whenever I think about any ‘by invitation only’ guest list, I’m always reminded of the story of Sleeping Beauty, whose parents omitted to invite Maleficent the evil fairy to her christening, who in retaliation cursed the baby causing all manner of problems for the young girl and the Kingdom going forward. The story serves to remind me that when guest list are drawn one must ensure that those invited will attend with the best sentiments; familial repercussions must be borne in mind where family members are concerned.

Eight Step Guide to A Yoruba Engagement (Traditional Wedding)

We love traditional weddings, with their vibrant colours, rich food, playful banter and more, what's not to like?

10 Steps to Bridal Shower Bliss

The bridal shower is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the wedding process for the bride. This is perhaps the only party that she doesn’t have to get involved in the planning or execution, although some brides still do.

Children and Weddings - Keeping kids engaged on your big day

Let's face it - when it comes to weddings, no one is thinking about the children. Unless they are part of the bridal party, then and only then are the poor little bride, little groom or page boy, flower girls and balloon girls considered, but only as props. I know this because I have been a little bride, a flower girl and a balloon girl, many, many, many times. I have been ignored and mostly forgotten only till it was time for photographs. No one cared if I was hungry or bored, no.

Do you need a Wedding Planner?

A very important decision faced by couples in their planning process is deciding for or against the need for a wedding planner. About 30% of couples in Nigeria willingly engage the services of professional planners while, the remaining 70% take the bold step of planning it all themselves usually with the help of friends and family