#FunkeSays: Do Need A Wedding Planner?

Not sure if you need a wedding planner? Find out in this episode of Funke Bucknor-Obruthe's YouTube series #FunkeSays

Your Six Step Guide to Marrying a Tiv Benue Bride

This article is based on the traditional marriage rites of Buruku Local Government, Mbagan, Mbaityo kindred Family of Inder Atim of Benue State.  

Step 1

An Experts Guide to Choosing an MC by MC Timmy

 1. I see you, you see me.

Always meet with him/her in person (either before you make the booking, or if you have already booked them following telephone conversations then definitely meet before the day).

"Float Down from Cloud 9" and Face Your Wedding Budget

First thing, call everyone and announce the news, you must be brimming with excitement. You are in the clouds.... Do we really want to talk about money, No! But we must, but not now, enjoy being engaged. Enjoy your moments in the limelight and relish the romantic spells, wondering how you are going to feel and look on your big day!!!!!!

Lagos: 6 Pocket Friendly Wedding Venues on the Island

Think finding a wedding venue on the island on a limited budget is a dream? Not a chance.

Igbo Traditional Wedding Guide

A typical Igbo traditional wedding has two different ceremonies:

You're Engaged. Now What?

He proposed and you said “YES!” and  you can’t stop smiling. You're high on love and can't stop looking at that brand-new bling (if he proposed with a ring, more on that later).  This is a very exciting and emotional time, and it is okay to just sit back and soak in the moment or/and jump straight into sharing the news with family and friends. Now's the time to start visiting wedding websites (hint hint) or buying wedding magazines and sharing the news with family and friends.

21 Questions for your Videographer

Professionally recorded footage provide the best medium to 'relive' your wedding day. When it comes to selecting a videographer for your wedding (or other event) a lot of factors come into play to ensure you find the best fit. Here are 21 questions to ask before hiring

The Art of 'Toasting'

This piece is pretty much for the bride and groom as it is for the all people who want to stand before everyone and wish the couple well or give a funny anecdote. As the bride and groom, it is imperative to let your maid of honor and best man know you’re what you look out for and what to avoid. I have been a guest at a fair share of weddings and heard a good amount of toasts. It’s amazing (not in a great way) some of the things people  say when they are under the influence of whatever.

Step Up to Your Role as the Maid of Honour

Okay you have been chosen as the maid of honour. Seriously, being selected out of the long list of girlfriends to be the maid of honour is a huge honour. But, as the saying goes, with great honour comes great responsibility. You can bask in the ambience all you like, but you need to live up to your title in name and of course in action. Remember this is an exciting time for your friend, but also an extremely hectic and taxing time as well. It’s important that you prep well and make conscious effort to ensuring the sanity of your friend  as she plans her wedding.