5 Amazing Ideas for the Best Hen Night Ever

Being a bridesmaid is no easy job. In addition to everything wedding-related, you also have the task of planning a fun hen night as the last hurrah for your dear friend.

10 Things Every Nigerian Bride Must Do Before Taking the Plunge

  1. Take some time for yourself
    No planning, no freak-outs, no fire-breathing. Just breathe. Take a trip alone if possible; you may not get this chance again.
  2. Reconnect with your girlfriends
    Spend some real time with them. No, bridesmaids’ dresses fittings do not count. You are taking a huge life step so they might be feeling insignificant. Go out like old times so they know they’ll always be your squad.
  3. Spend some time with your parents

7 'No No's that will Ruin Your Wedding

Just before you think that this is an article that spells doom, remember that knowing things like the steps below will help you guard against them. We want your wedding to be a dream come true, so here are seven things you need to avoid;

A-Z of Planning your Best Friend’s Bridal Shower

Who better to plan a bridal shower than your best friend or sister. As a best friend, you probably know almost everything and anything that your friend would want to experience and most importantly know all the people she would love to attend.

Also, it is safe to assume that as a best friend you know where the bride-to-be will want to celebrate this day and the activities that she would enjoy. Don’t forget it’s all about her.

So what do you do if you're not blessed with superb planning skills?Fret not and follow our simple steps below

7 Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Venue

When the post-engagement excitement turns into pre-wedding planning mode, one of the first things you'll find yourself on the hunt for is a venue to host your wedding. You may look at local options or even far away destination wedding venue that will give your big day a backdrop that looks like it's straight out of a postcard.

Either way, before signing on the dotted line and agreeing to throw the wedding of your dreams at a location that fits your budget, here are the top seven questions to ask the space before saying "I do" to them.

How You Could Save Up For Your Wedding

It is important that you begin saving for your wedding as early as possible. You can use some of these tips to save for your big day:

Start saving early: Open a savings account as soon as you can and start saving. Remember not to use this bank account for other expenses. You can work with your bank to set an option for auto-debit at the beginning of the month from your other "earning" account to the wedding account.

How To Start A Wedding Planning Business From Home

If you are passionate about the romance and beauty that come with weddings, then chances are that you will jump at the idea of becoming a wedding planner. Wedding planning is an exciting field and a good business opportunity for those who have been looking to start a business of their own; because aside from the financial gains, you get a chance to express your creativity and get a feeling of satisfaction seeing the beauty of your handiwork.

Save Money On Wedding Favours

Beautiful, unique wedding favours are a graceful way of thanking your guests for the thought, time, rescheduling, travelling and gift-giving that they've expended to share your wedding day with you

5 Dating Tips Every Single Mum Should Know

Dating after your divorce can be difficult not only logistically, but also emotionally. A few questions would sometimes come to mind like; How will the kids react? How would i meet the right man?