3 Things You Should Be Doing with Your Wedding Ring

You got the ring! You posted it on social media and you called everybody you’ve known since third grade to share the good news.

8 Things The Best Man Should Never Do At The Wedding

Getting tapped with the honor of being a best man is one of the most exciting moments of any guy-in-a-bromance’s life. It's the ultimate chance to be there for your best friend and quite the honor. But, as you're preparing to take on your best man duties, make sure to take note of these eight things you should avoid doing on the wedding day.

1. Wing your speech.

5 Tips To Note When Shopping For Bridal Shoes

Good shoes they say take you to good places. A bride has to look flawless on her big day, therefore, getting it right all around is quite essential.

Who Should Be On Your Bridal Train

Choosing your bridesmaids is a very important decision. They are after all going to be by your side through the planning and the big day itself, so you want to make sure they’ll have your back at the wedding day front line.

You may have a host of family and friends expecting or assuming they’ll be asked, and maybe even a childhood bestie you promised the role when you were 9. Who, though, should be in your bridal train? Let’s help you decide.

1. How many? 

Outdoor Wedding Inspiration For Nigerian Brides

With the cost of everything including event halls draining pockets and cutting throats, an outdoor wedding is a great way to pay less or even get a venue for free!

Getting Past Pre-Wedding Jitters

Pre-wedding jitters, cold feet, bridal nerves: they all mean the same thing – sweaty palms, quickening heartbeat, a little fear, maybe even a mini breakdown. They can start from right after the proposal, or wait until the big day to show up.

If you’re very nervous but at the same time excited about getting married to this person, congratulations – you have pre-wedding jitters and they are normal. You are taking a life-changing step after all (no pressure!) and this article will help you with ways to calm your nerves.

5 Tips For Brides Who Are Having A 'Rainy Season' Wedding

If you are having your wedding between the months of April - October, then, it is necessary to consider the possibility of a down pour on your wedding day.

Make Your Groom Your Something Blue!

Finding their ‘something blue’ can be a tricky decision for brides when they start to plan the details of their dream day. Popular choices include blue jewellery, hair accessories and shoes.

All Veiled Up! The Origin and Types of Veils

Have you ever stopped to think why you have to wear a veil on your wedding day? Well, the wedding veil is an old tradition that has withstood the test of time and varying culture.

13 Of The Most Unique Wedding Themes We Have Seen

A wedding theme showcases what you really like in your invitations, decor, attire, cake and dress code. It makes everything cohesive.