Make Your Groom Your Something Blue!

Finding their ‘something blue’ can be a tricky decision for brides when they start to plan the details of their dream day. Popular choices include blue jewellery, hair accessories and shoes.

All Veiled Up! The Origin and Types of Veils

Have you ever stopped to think why you have to wear a veil on your wedding day? Well, the wedding veil is an old tradition that has withstood the test of time and varying culture.

13 Of The Most Unique Wedding Themes We Have Seen

A wedding theme showcases what you really like in your invitations, decor, attire, cake and dress code. It makes everything cohesive.

Bridal Lingerie Checklist

One of the keys to make certain that your dress looks amazing on your big day is to ensure that the lingerie underneath is flattering.

Must Read Tips For Any Bride Over 45

Here’s a special one for our more mature brides. We understand that it may seem tough, since it appears that weddings are typically marketed towards brides in their twenties.

20 Wedding Souvenirs We Love

Everyone loves gifts, so there’s no better way to appreciate your guests and family on your big day than with thoughtful Souvenirs.

Congratulation Mrs! Now Here’s How You Officially Change Your Name

Often, the most stress-less events are the ones we stress our minds on the most.

Having to change to a new name after the wedding can be one of the pressing things on the mind of newly wedded brides; not knowing that in this part of the world (Nigeria), it is extremely stress-less, affordable and quite fast.

I mean it is as easy as ABCD; literarily.

A. Collate your documents; court marriage certificate and a handwritten letter stating your maiden name and the new name.

So You Want to Have a 'Rocking' Wedding

So you want to have a 'rocking' wedding? The type that guests attend and talk about for months on end. Fear not, we've got your covered, we have polled far and wide to find out what exactly gets you a 'rocking' wedding; one that's not only the talk of the town, but also thoroughly enjoyable.

Read on to hear from guests

“The music, the music has to be on point, if I have my friends around it makes it more fun, also my outfit, the varieties of dishes and the MC.”

- yinka

10 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Gets Hitched

As the Benjamin Franklin quote goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

Every fulfilling and successful marriage is a product of adequate preparation and therefore, it is safe to say the marriage you prepare for will determine your reality.

It is not enough to only prepare for the wedding (a/couple day(s) event) which is just an initiation into the marriage (forever) in itself. And just like you don’t learn how to shoot a gun in the battlefield, you should prepare for marriage and not in marriage.

Here are some things every man should do before saying “I do”: