Wedding Hairstyles To Look Out For In 2017

Styling hair for a wedding can be a bother if you don’t have a knack for it or know a good hair stylist. It’s important to look good and keep up with the trend as a bride, bridesmaid or even a wedding guest. Here are seven wedding hairstyles to look out for in 2017:

Tied Back Style

This is a cross between an up-do and a down-do and is a simple style to wear to a wedding.

Plaited Down- do

This is a simple down-do with single plaits incorporated at strategic sections of the hair. This style can be heavily accessorised if being worn with a simple dress.

Plaited Bun

This is a simple yet classy hairstyle to wear to a wedding. A take on the classic bun, the plaits add texture to the hairstyle and create a more edgy look when worn with a great outfit, shoes and jewellery.

Accessorised Hair

It may be easier to wear accessories in the hair and make the bride really stand out. Accessories may be incorporated into an up-do or hair that has been left to cascade round the shoulders. Flower crowns, tiaras and bejewelled combs may be used to transform a simple style.


This is a classic yet versatile style that will be used widely this year; the ponytail itself may be plaited or curled into spirals. It’s a clean hairstyle for a fitted wedding dress with a short train or slit and great even when you change into your wedding reception dress.

Sleek Up-do

A sleep up-do is especially great for an outdoor wedding on a hot sunny day. There’s no going wrong with this classy style with a midi dress and sling-back heels.

Braided Crown

This is perfect for someone who has lots of hair and wishes to sweep it all into a crown. The perfect braiding hands and a few pins will bring this style to life. It is perfect for a garden or beach themed wedding as it will go great with single flowers pinned to one side of the hair.

Keep in mind that it may be typical bridal fashion for the bride to be styled with more extravagant up-dos but now some brides may opt for simpler styles that accommodate their personal style and preference. Nowadays, it’s the wedding guests that opt for the more complicated hairstyles as they may have a lot of time to prepare for the reception. Are you getting married this year? What’s your favourite style? 

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Braided Bun 


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Written by Feso Adeniji