5 Romantic Ways To Resolve Conflicts In Your Relationship

Even couples with the healthiest relationships disagree, it is normal. The best thing to do is to handle issues as soon as they arise, with peace and not “victory” as the goal. There are romantic ways to resolve conflicts in the sweetest way possible, but they will not get you out of doing the real stuff:  listen (no interruptions!), admit wrong or at least be willing see things from another angle; and APOLOGISE. Alright, let’s assume you have all that in the bag. Drive home the point and inject a massive dose of romance into your relationship with one of these smooth moves.

A Surprise Date

Treat your significant other to an unexpected day or night out. It’s important that they see how much effort you’re willing to make. A fancy restaurant or a low key picnic; drinks at a quiet rooftop bar or an all-out karaoke fest- choose whatever both of you are partial to, and your boo will forget your little spat in no time.

A Thoughtful Gift

Oldie but goodie no? Gifts will always be a thing for lovers trying to smooth out a rough patch. As long as your sincerity is not in question, a thoughtful gift will always hit the mark. For women, you can’t go wrong with jewellery. Other ideas are gadgets, perfumes, luxury linens, a box of his/her favourite desserts, lingerie (this can go both ways actually). If they’ve been dropping hints, now is the time to get that present.

Make A Funny Video

Nothing defuses the tension like a good laugh, so make yourself the subject of the joke by making and sending a funny apology video. Use over-the-top cheesy endearments and make a total fool of yourself. It’s all for love.

Love Letter

We’ve all gone so digital that these gems have been all but forgotten. Bring back the love letter! They are personal, can be saved for years and will continue to work in your favour. Freely pour out your love in writing, and finish with that little old trick: a spritz of your perfume in the envelope.

Sleep Together

So you argued, and as usual you want to stomp out and take up residence on the couch. Don’t do that. Make it clear that you’re staying until this argument is resolved. Fall asleep in the same bed and reach out for your partner. You could end up cuddling or more if you catch the drift. How can you stay mad after that? Hmm?

Written by Sandra N.U.