5 Top Valentine’s Day Ideas

The love season is upon us and you aren’t prepared to give your Val the best of the best. Apart from cupcakes, sweets and teddy bears, you can opt to give your significant other a romantic experience they will always cherish in their hearts.

Here are 5 top Valentine’s day ideas guaranteed to give your relationship a hearty boost:

Make A Trail of Rose Petals

This romantic gesture is a great Valentine’s idea because a trail of rose petals normally leads to a gift or great surprise. At the end of the trail you could place a box of chocolates, strawberries and champagne or even some jewellery.

Do you want to propose on Valentine’s day? You could put the ring at the end of the trail and pop the question when your significant other sees it!

Re-enact Your First Date

Make her remember the very first time you wined and dined her by going to the same restaurant (or location), ordering her favourite cocktail, giving her the same flowers and even eating the same meal.

Break A Sweat

Have fun and release those endorphins when you get physical with your chosen activity. Endorphins are chemicals released during exercise and make you feel good; why not set the tone for the whole day with this feel-good-feeling? You should opt for activities like paintballing, kayaking, skating or go-karting.

Check In At Another Location

Now is the perfect time to take a trip to another state or nearby country to get away from any possible distractions and really enjoy each other’s company. Catch a plane just before Valentine’s day so you can check into a great hotel and enjoy all it has to offer during your short getaway.

Be Homebound

You and your Val may have busy schedules and hardly see each other. If Valentines’ day is on a weekday, then make sure you spend quality time with each other the weekend before. Cook each other meals, have some drinks and get fat in front of the television.

Which idea are you most likely to go for? Have a great Lovers day!


Written by Feso Adeniji