5 Top Wedding Colour Schemes For 2017

Most people prefer their chosen colour scheme to transcend through every detail - their bouquet, bridal train, groomsmen outfits, wedding invitations and event décor. The couple’s personal preference, time and season of the year may also influence the colour scheme choices to be made. You have a few months left till the day you walk down the aisle and you haven’t chosen a colour scheme yet - don’t worry.

Here are five colour scheme ideas for 2017:

Natural, White and Green

This colour combination is perfect for a garden themed wedding with a bouquet filled with greenery and white flowers. Wedding invites may also be of a natural tone with white and green accents. The light brown tones of furniture will definitely make the green leafy décor stand out. This colour scheme is classy and perfect for an intimate / simple wedding. 

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Pastel, Lavender, Pink and Green

This colour combination gives off a warm connotation and it's perfect for an Easter ceremony. If you ever dreamed of having a wedding in wooden house, this colour scheme will compliment your chosen environment. 


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Navy, Coral and Gold

This colour scheme is perfect for a couple affiliated in the Navy. The mix of navy and gold gives of connotations of wealth and class while coral makes it all homely. Coral is a great colour for bridesmaids’ dresses and ties for the groomsmen. Coral cake trimmings and coloured cocktails will also fit into this theme. 

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Gold, Burgundy and Green

Depending on your wedding location, this is another great wedding colour scheme because the colours are so warm. The table setting will appear very festive and rich because of burgundy, making it a great colour scheme for middle of the year weddings and anniversaries too.

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Cranberry, Orange and Ivory

Red has been done several times so why not take a slight detour and pick Cranberry! This colour scheme will look awesome in a white hall so that the colours can really pop! The bridal bouquet will also look great with a mix of cranberry, orange and white coloured flowers. 


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Good luck with choosing the perfect colour scheme for your 2017 wedding!

Written by Feso Adeniji