Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Every couple looks forward to a beautiful wedding ceremony after spending months and even years planning.
The wedding industry has grown so much that having a wedding planner is not so much of a luxury anymore but a necessity if you plan to have a stress free event.

Here are some reasons it is important to hire a wedding planner.

To help with budgeting
Wedding planners would help work within your budget. They would be able to offer ideas and suggestions on the type of event that would suit your budget.

To ensure you get the best vendors
This has to be dealt with by the planner who would source for good service providers that would suit whatever type of event you want.

To ensure vendors deliver their best
They not only source for good vendors but also a wedding planner ensures all vendors carry out their responsibility.
To get excellent co-ordination
Most weddings have family members doing the errands, running around making sure things are right thereby missing most important parts of the ceremony. It is the job of the wedding planners team to do most of the coordination, not family members as they ought to also celebrate and enjoy every moment of the ceremony.

For effective time management
A wedding planner can manage all areas ensuring things are done in timely.

For Possible crisis management
When things fall apart, the couple would not have the time or emotional stability to handle the crisis; therefore a wedding planner would have things in control and would have plans in place for any possible crisis that arises.

For great conceptualisation
Everyone has a concept in mind to bring to reality for their wedding day. It's ok to have these dreams but having them play out just the way you want them to, would need the help of a professional that is an expert in the industry who can bring the concept to life.

For a stress-free event
It is total bliss to have someone handle all the stress of an event on your behalf.

To ensure guests are orderly catered
Many events have had guests go home grumbling because they were not well-catered. These could be avoided if they a wedding planner orderly organises all vendors and ensures what they have can go round the number on the guest list.

Photo credit: ynaija.com

Written by Dr. Mute Akpomedaye