Why Working Out As A Couple Is Good For Your Marriage

In marriage, it is best couple do things together to yield better result. An example of such things include working out together. Yes! It is a good idea because of the benefits attached to it. For those who never gave this a thought, I guess this article is just for you. I will be sharing with you why you should involve your spouse in your daily exercise.

 According to a study carried out by scientists in Santa Clara University, California, the report of the study revealed that; “People who work out with a partner feel comfortable and are more energetic and happier than those who work out alone”.

Firstly, working out together increase togetherness, builds more emotion through the help of participating in different exercise like: Hook squats, partners push up, push up with high five. In addition, holding hands and taking a walk down the street also builds togetherness. It also gives room for couple to spend time together and we all know that spending time together strengthens the marriage.

Secondly, it also creates better results. Studies has shown that the presence of one’s spouse can lead to more positive results. The reason is that psychologically you believe the person is here to help and due to this much efforts will be put towards achieving the needed result. This on the long run builds self-confidence for both of them because they are able to achieve their set objective and they feel fit. This affects the marriage positively.

The next one is that it builds more emotional bond between couples. Working out together involves doing exercise simultaneously and spending more time together. Exercising together provides an opportunity to create deeper connection, gives room for love to grow. This is achieved by exercising simultaneously, talking to each other during the morning bike ride or walk, holding hands.

Another benefit is that the couple enjoys good health and help reduce unnecessary fight and argument.

Like the saying goes “health is wealth”. A healthy lifestyle reduce spending on hospital bills, drugs, reduce stress and reduce fight and argument. Exercise makes one get well relaxed this enable one to carry out activities for the family and also bring in enough money to run the family and also to enjoy better health at one’s old age.  To enjoy all these benefits, it is good to start exercising early with your spouse.

Finally, one will see that working out together as a couple has a lot of benefits, in terms of physical, mental and even financial benefit for marriage. You can start today by setting a fitness goal and sketch out a way to go about it. Always remember a healthy lifestyle strengthens the marriage.

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Written by Temitope Ikusika