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Why Do Couples Over-reach their Budget?

Have you ever had that one friend that wanted a full Alice in Wonderland
wedding reception with all the sparkle and shine but was being cheap about
absolutely everything? The logical thing would be to cut down on the
extras, but unfortunately, there are some reasons why people won’t just
back down. Here are few reasons that explain why couples over-reach their
budget, opting for more expensive experiences they can barely afford:

Keeping Up with the Joneses

It’s very unwise to attempt to keep up with peers that have higher
purchasing power compared to you. Suck it up and disregard any feelings of
being left behind in the race of life. Besides, the story of the Joneses
may not be evident to outsiders; people may ask questions like “how did
they get all that money?” thereby unearthing a scandal involving a family
embezzlement of political funds.

Lagos Packaging

Thanks to Mr Banky Wellington, everybody now knows that there’s no party
like a Lagos Party. A Lagos party beckons copious amounts of packaging.
It’s that one shot to look expensive on the smallest budget you have,
especially if you’re the hosts.

Proving a Point to Family

Some family members may be against the timing of a couple’s union and as a
retort, the couple may go ahead and throw a grand ball in mere response to
their family. This is to show that they are willing and ready to take on
life even though they may potentially drown themselves in debt.

Once in a Lifetime Perceptions

A lot of couples may feel the need to go all out like they just became
legal adults with access to unlimited alcohol and a sweet ride. Remember
that the wedding is just for a day and the marriage, a lifetime.

Life would be so much easier if you could just live, wine and dine
according to your means. If you are about to start planning your wedding
ceremony, try to stick to a reasonable budget because you have the rest of
your lives to splurge and throw carnivals if necessary. Are you guilty of
over-reaching your budget? Make a change today!

If you need help, we have loads of resources on this site for making a
budget, getting bargains and cutting costs without sacrificing quality.

Source: flywheel.netdna-ssl.com

Written by Feso Adeniji