What To Expect At Your Vendors Meeting

Planning a wedding can never be easy, even with the presence of a wedding planner. It's a once in a lifetime event that involves a lot of brainstorming and visualizing when it comes to your bridal wardrobe, ceremony venues, menu, and entertainment. Vendors meetings are necessary to plan a wedding properly; here are five considerations expected to be contemplated on at your first vendors' meeting:

The Perfect Wedding Date
Ascertaining the perfect wedding date is not easy, but you must consider the availability of the team of vendors you pick to bring your wedding to life. It is important to discuss your vendor's availability, so you are sure of full concentration on your day. Avoid hiring a vendor that has other commitments on the same day so you can pay for the best experience with someone who is fully committed to serving you.

Wedding Vision
The aim of attending a vendors meeting is to articulate to the vendors what you would like at your wedding, be it food, decorations or music. Stay firm with your idea of a perfect wedding and do not let the vendors articulate what is best for you based on their capabilities or lack.

Ensure that you already have a budget before attending the vendors meeting so you can make decisions based on your disposable income rather than having the vendors dictate how much you will spend. Scanning prices of wedding services will be beneficial to have a rough idea of industry standards and will help with putting together a solid budget.

Decision- Making
Never attend your first vendors meeting alone; go with a close friend, family member or your future spouse who you can bounce ideas off. Samples of items or pictures should also be taken along for inspiration to help you articulate your vision. Prior to finalizing your decision, make sure you ask relevant questions that will help you make the best decision.

Pressure to Commit
Vendors may offer a deal that sounds too good to be true upon your first meeting, but you must ensure that this deal fits your vision and budget. This is your opportunity to buy some time while searching for other offers from vendors in the same industry so don't believe the ‘here today, gone tomorrow' offer tactics. If you decide to take on a special offer, be sure that you negotiate the best package for that offer. Keep in mind that it's fine to disengage a vendor if you feel they are not best for you.

Even though it's your first vendors' meeting, try not to get overwhelmed with all the information and extra questions you currently don't have answers to. Take the first meeting as an opportunity to map out your vision clearly and keep your nerves low so you can make the best decisions with a clear mind.


Photo Credit: Botanicalpaperworks.com

Written by Feso Adeniji