What’s a Nigerian Wedding Party Without…?

Have you ever imagined a Lagos without weddings and the stationary Saturday traffic from Ozumba Mbadiwe to Water Corporation Drive? The hustle and bustle of weddings are bittersweet; we are subjected to inevitable annoyance and sudden bursts of happiness. Living and working in this country means that it will be relatively easy to complete the question glaring at you in the line above.  Really though, what’s a Nigerian wedding party without:

Small Chops
From chicken suya to deep-fried balls of puff-puff, sometimes coated in cinnamon sugar for that extra comforting sweetness, a wedding without small chops is not a true Lagos wedding. Small chops and cold cocktails signify the beginning of a great night.

Jollof Rice
Hot firewood rice hits the spot especially when you have been on your feet all day or even trying to get to the venue and find a suitable parking spot. Hence the popular statement- “Don’t tell me the Jollof has finished!”.

Parking boys
Everyone and their mama try to make money off parking wedding guests at a seemingly secure location near the reception venue. If for some reason you park with the locals in the area, be careful not to ‘tip’ them too much because you just may come outside after the wedding only to find another set of locals manning your car and demanding something for the ‘weekend’.

From flavoured Mojitos to the bartender’s special, ‘cocktails on deck’ should be the order of the night. Many couples now choose a special mix to mark their special day.

After-Party Extras
Small chops and cocktails are not the only pleasures to look forward to at a reception; exotic gelato flavours, desserts, and mini-meals in exotic-shaped glasses help to keep the party going.

Music Policy
The Nigerian party scene has evolved and has become one to reckon with worldwide, primarily because of the music mix. Nowadays, hiring the right DJ is as important as buying the right wedding dress!

Wedding Favours
Don’t miss the free cooking spoons and hand fans! If you are lucky, you will get six yards of silk or a set of bath products made with all natural ingredients.

Wandering Uncles and Take-away Aunties
Remember that one time, some really old guy tried to hit on you at the wedding and someone’s aunty was packing Chinese away? Yes, these things happen in Lagos.

Can you think of anything else that would complete a Nigerian wedding?

Photo Credit:loveweddingsng

Written by Feso Adeniji