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Wedding Trend: Drip Wedding Cakes

Drip wedding cakes are such a nice trend and well worth all the craze and attention they’re getting. The drip always adds an irresistible feel to any cake- You just want to reach out a finger and catch a drop.

The interpretations are limitless: we have seen them on naked and semi-naked rustic cakes as well as fully-frosted, traditional cakes. The drip can be done with ganache in any flavour, or caramel. And the colours? Everything from deep, mysterious hues to innocent off-whites, all the way to fun neon.

Whatever your style, or vision, you can make a drip wedding cake for it. They can be left simple and minimalistic, or you can pile on the toppings: macaroons, meringue kisses, fruit, flowers, sugar crystals, popcorn and so on.
Enough talk, feast your eyes on these delectable offerings below.

This ornate cake is a head-turner. The colourful blooms and strategically placed drips make us want to dive in and at the same time leave it untouched.

Photo Credit: @fortytwocakes

Call it the traditional white wedding cake re-imagined. We dare say this looks infinitely more delicious and we love it.

Photo Credit: margueritecakes.com.au

 It is one thing to have a drip cake and another to have it dripping with chocolate. Good God. Is this even legal?

Photo Credit: @cordyscakes

So simple in design that it is perfect. The salted caramel drip and the chocolate cake underneath are a mind-blowing gustatory combination.

Photo Credit: weddingomania.com

Yes, drip cakes work with delicate, pastel cakes as well. We never knew a cake could make us emotional just by looking at it. This is art.

Photo Credit: unbirthdaybakery.com

Another beautiful pastel masterpiece. Peep the detail on those decorative pieces. Not everyone likes visible tiers, so tall cakes like this are perfect.

Photo Credit: donttellcharles.com.au

Ah yes, the classic white cake with a gold tier and gold drip. Yes, they come in metallic too. Perfect for the traditional yet fashionable bride.

Photo Credit: bisouweddingsandevents.com

Grey and monochrome cakes are super stylish! There is just something about this cake’s marble appearance that makes it look like it belongs in a fashion editorial. Is it the figs? Exotic!

Photo Credit:@cordyscakes

These genius cake designers have done it. They’ve made bright-coloured cakes that look tasteful, stylish and artistic. You can even have your wedding colours marbled. We love this sunset-inspired blend dripping with yummy goodness.
We’ll take a slice, please!

Photo Credit: @cordysbro

Written by Sandra N.U.