Wedding Shoe Mistakes To Avoid

Your wedding shoes are as important as your wedding dress and deserve a lot
of attention. Picking the wrong pair of wedding shoes will make you feel
uncomfortable and may ruin the entire day for you. On the other hand,
choosing the perfect shoes will give you the opportunity to party through
the day and dance the night away.

Here are serious mistakes you should avoid with your wedding shoes.

Avoid shoes that don’t belong to your style

Don’t get persuaded into getting a shoe that does not suit your style. Stay
true to your style and to who you are because that will make you feel

Avoid wearing the wrong wedding shoe for your dress

Ensure the length of your dress allows you to wear the particular shoe you
go for. A quick Google search will let you know what works together. It is
important because you won’t want to trip and fall on your big day.

Don’t buy shoes that you won’t wear again

Don’t waste your money buying shoes that you won’t feel comfortable wearing
after your wedding. What’s the point spending a lot of money only to wear
it for a few hours and then leave it to gather dust for eternity?

Try on your shoes before your big day

Don’t make the mistake of saving your wedding shoes until your wedding day
before putting them on. You should wear them and move around to see if they
fit. This will also help you break them in: that means easing the tightness
of the shoes so that they become more comfortable for the main event.

Forgetting to get an extra pair of shoes

An unforeseen occurrence can happen on your big day. Your shoes might not
fit properly; a heel may break; they may even go missing! Hence, having an
extra pair of shoes can keep you covered in case of any of these

On a final note, make sure you have a pedicure done before the day and
enjoy yourself!

Written by Temitope Ikusika