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Wedding DIY Tip: Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet From Faux Flowers

Making your own bouquet is a great way to get exactly what you imagined while saving some money for your wedding. Have you been to the florist? Fresh flowers are great but they cost a ton and then they wither so quickly. 

A DIY bouquet of faux flowers will remain with you as a keepsake. You can even have a bouquet party with your bridesmaids and have everyone make theirs.

What you need

• An assortment of flowers you want. Do not be afraid to mix flowers you like. You will need at least 12 flowers, more if you want a bigger bouquet.

• Floral tape or wire

• Wire cutter

• Scissors

• Satin or metallic ribbon/lace/ other fabric to wrap

• Optional: pearl pins (All available in the flower section of the market)


photo credit

1. Trim off any faux leaves.

photo credit

2. Start with 2-4 flowers as the base of your bouquet.

photo credit

3. Build your bouquet by adding flowers around your base flowers. Keep turning your bouquet around and adding stems until you reach your desired size. The stems might look wonky, angled in all directions, but that doesn’t matter.

photo credit

4. Wrap your bouquet with floral tape, pressing it so it adheres. If you do not have floral tape, you can use a wire.

5. Trim the stems with the wire cutter to an even length.

photo credit

6. To make the wrapped handle, centre the ribbon or fabric at the bottom of the stems, cross over in front and tie. Take both ends and tie at the back. Repeat, working your way up to the top, make a knot to secure.

photo credit

 7. Add pearl pins if you desire.

Written by Sandra N.U.