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Wedding DIY: Making Your Ring Bearer Pillow

Turning a few things in your wedding list into a DIY project is a great way to save money and relieve stress. You can even make it a bonding session between you and hubby, mum or your bridesmaids. If you’re already crafty, you will enjoy this, and if you’re not, now’s a good time to try. It’s easy.

This tutorial is for a DIY ring bearer pillow. We will turn a plain throw pillow into a beautiful wedding piece, and you can have it as a keepsake after the wedding. It’s great because you can make it exactly how you want it, with your wedding colours and your favourite accents. 
What you will need

  • Plain throw pillow 
  • Lengths of ribbon- wide and narrow
  • Artificial flower 
  • A pretty button
  • Needle and thread

1. Cut the stem off the flower and remove any green plastic parts.

Pic Source: weddingbee.com

2. Sew the pretty button into the centre of the flower. Sew through the layers of the flower petals to secure the button, and to keep the flower together since you just took out the green stem.

Pic Source: weddingbee.com

3. Take the wide ribbon and loop it around the pillow to see how much you need, and then cut with an extra 1 inch.

Pic Source: weddingbee.com

4. Sew the flower onto the middle point of the ribbon. The sewing doesn’t have to be neat because it will be hidden underneath the flower and ribbon.

Pic Source: weddingbee.com

5. Wrap the ribbon around the pillow and stitch the ends of the ribbon to the back of the pillow.

6. Loop the thin ribbon through the button hole of your pretty button.

That’s it! You have a lovely ring bearer pillow at very little cost.

Pic Source: weddingbee.com

Here’s another kind; a beautiful French lace is used here instead.

It’s a similar process. Sew on the French lace onto the pillow in the same way, and then a layer the ribbon over it. Use some more ribbon to make a two-layered bow and use the button at its centre.

Attach to the middle of the pillow and loop the skinny ribbon through the buttonhole once again. C’est fini.

Pic Source: a1weddinginvitations.net

You can even use a damask pillow!

Pic Source: Artfire.com
Written by Sandra N.U.