Wedding Diaries: Once Upon A Time

As a young girl, I dreamt about my wedding day constantly, frequently inspired by romantic movies, my favourite of all time was "Cinderella the movie" with Brandy and Whitney Houston. I absolutely loved that one, and often imagined myself in Brandy's puffy dress, okay maybe not that puffy. The movies all seemed to follow the same pattern, boy meets girl, they fall madly in love with each other, and get married….what else could go wrong? Well… Welcome to the real world, my world.

My name is Dunni, I'm in my twenties, living life vicariously and getting married soon, at least that’s the plan, I've pushed the big day back twice already, that can’t be a good omen, can it?. I've had a gazillion wedding jitters, cold feet…etc. I have changed my mind so many times that right now I'm not even sure what type of wedding I want. Of course to complicate things even further, my parents have no clue that I have shifted the wedding date, oh the joys of being me…certainly sound like a 'bridezilla' in the making.

So, how did I get here you ask? Ironically the man of my dreams had been right under my nose for a while. After a series of 'Cinderella remixes', don’t worry you’ll get to hear all about them later, Demola aka DM swept me off my feet with his almost abrasive charm, go figure, and like they say the rest his history.

Well, how did he propose? Baby steps……let’s save some for chocolate cake and tea, I'm with you for quite a while….lol


Written by Sugar Weddings