Wedding Diaries: The Cinderella Remixes

Five years ago, my heart was broken and I thought I could not go on. I was at my lowest point. It was so hard for me to be around people, It was so depressing and the fact that I couldn’t talk to anyone complicated things for me.

I was in one of those relationships that I didn’t think would end, because Olamide and I were as close to perfect as possible, at least that's the way it seemed at the time. Our relationship which started out like a fairytale ended like a nightmare. Honestly I don’t think I blame him for ending it, I just thought it was one of those situations that could have been avoided. When he was about to leave the country to go do his masters, I proposed a break cause I felt the long distance will put a serious toll on our relationship, but he PROMISED me we would be fine. After about a year of long distance calls midnight, he abruptly called it off, no explanations, no second thoughts.

I don’t think he ever understood how it all affected me emotionally. I couldn’t date or see anyone for two years. I tried, but I had serious issues with TRUST. I couldn’t move beyond the brick wall I had put up in my heart and life. Getting over that phase of my life is credited to the grace of God. I started working on myself and my issues. I knew that I had to let go of a lot of things- habits and embrace the new ME that was gradually growing out of the love of God. I am not perfect, no one is…you see most people don’t realise this or maybe they do, but choose to be in denial.

Anyway, I thought I found love again just three months after I started my healing process and it was by someone I had once trusted and probably would have dated long ago, but couldn’t because I was still hurting. Well guess what, he messed up big time, I caught him pants down, cheating on me…LOL! It’s funny now, but believe me it wasn’t then. Thankfully, I am stronger now and I have my friends to support me. So you would think I would have stopped there, but I didn’t, I got up and got out there again. It took a while, a very long while before I met someone again and I thought this has to be it, but I was dead wrong…oh yeah! He messed up again. Just when I was losing all hope, I met Demola… he gave another day. You know how you sometimes wake in the morning and you think to yourself that, the day is going to be a great day, sun’s out and air is so fresh, but instead your day turns completely upside down and you just cant wait to go to bed, so that you’d wake up to ANOTHER DAY!...fresh out of the oven…that’s exactly how I felt.

We have been together since then. What started as a date at Cactus Restaurant over pizza is well over a year old…we have been in a committed relationship and we are discussing marriage plans. There’s always a muffin that isn’t badly burnt, only if you look in the right tray.

How did he propose…er well, I will have to tell you next time…we can’t do it all now. Stay with me and get a glimpse of our lives as we take you through our wedding planning process. Most important thing is, soon I would be marrying the man of my dreams and I can’t wait to share my life with him. See ya!!!

Strawberry thoughts

Written by Sugar Weddings