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Ways To Manage Conflict In Relationships

Conflict is an unavoidable occurrence in any healthy relationship because couples can't always agree or share the same view. However, conflict should always be settled to prevent serious issues from regenerating in the future. However, some couples often find it tough to forgive and move on because they simply don't know how to let go. 
However, here are ways to manage conflict in a relationship 
1.    Make sure your apology is genuine
It is not enough to just tender an apology because you want to make peace. Sometimes the apology is not sincere, and your spouse can discern you are not sober about the situation. Find peace within yourself and apologize because you mean it. 
2.    Change in attitude 
Sometimes we apologize, but our attitude says otherwise. This could be a reason why your spouse finds it difficult to forgive. Apologies need to be followed by an attitude or behavioral change. When there is a positive change in attitude, it shows you are a different person, and you are actually sober. In religious terms, it can be called repentance.
3.    Exercise patience
I understand it can be difficult to be patient after apologizing over and over again, but you still need to exercise patience. Don't try to push things because it can make things worse. Once your partner can see you are sincere and you have turned a new leaf then he/she will be willing to forgive. 
4.    Try to open up 
At times, we may not know what exactly is wrong or what we view as the reason behind the conflict may not be the reason. This explains why you have to dialogue with your spouse and calmly ask what you did wrong and what changes he/she wants to see. This can help to resolve the matter.
5.    Visit a counselor
If all the following methods prove abortive, then it is advisable to seek the help of a counselor who will assist in resolving the matter amicably.



Written by Temitope Ikusika