Two Religions, Two Ceremonies, How Do We Go About It

Dear Sugar

I am a Christian woman marrying a Muslim man. We initially wanted to have one (1) ceremony where an Imam would go first and then afterwards my minister would take us through a Christian ceremony. His Imam says that is forbidden according to Islamic rites. We are both confused as to what to do. Please advise.

- Lolade

Dear Lolade

For Muslims, the only recognised wedding ceremony is an Islamic one, so as your Imam says no other type of ceremony would be considered valid. If you and your groom have an Islamic ceremony with an Imam and all the other accoutrements, then at this point your marriage is finalised and there is no need for any other type of ceremony.

However, I will advise you may go with any one of the options below

1) You and your groom need to compromise and settle for one ceremony. Decide on a Christian or Muslim ceremony.

2) You can have both Christian and Muslim ceremony but on different days.

3) Skip a faith based ceremony, do a registry marriage only before your wedding reception.

Best wishes.