Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Jewellery

You have to choose the right jewellery for your wedding day because it adds
that essential final touch to your outfit. Your wedding jewellery should
complement your wedding dress. It doesn’t have to be very expensive; it can
be simple yet beautiful, or elaborate and showstopping.

Follow these tips below to select your wedding jewellery.

Get your wedding dress first

It is best you get your wedding dress before buying your wedding jewellery.
Even the most beautiful jewellery can look out of place with some dress

You may already have an idea what dress you’ll get, but you may end up
falling in love with a completely different dress after trying it on. Just
hold off until you know the style and finish of your gown.

Go for what you like

There is a high chance that you will get advice from different angles on
the jewellery you should go for. However, it is best you go for something
you like and feel comfortable wearing because it will boost your

It is your special day after all, and you won’t want to look like
someone else. So, go for something that is you.

Select jewellery that complements your wedding dress

Once you have bought your wedding dress, choose jewellery that complements
it. It is best you look as effortless as possible. Therefore, don’t pair a
heavily decorated wedding dress with an elaborate necklace, because it will
look far too busy.

For example, strapless dresses work best with chandelier earrings and
V-neck needs a pendant or a choker to adorn their neckline. Also, a
short-sleeved dress should pair with a bracelet.

Consider your skin tone

You should consider your skin tone and undertones and what colour will suit
it best. Warm undertones look great with gold and cool undertones favour
silver. Still, take out time to try different options against your skin,
and ask for a professional advice as a guide when choosing.

Consider the future

Make sure it is something you can always use after the wedding. Pick
jewellery that is timeless, stylish and can suit any occasion.

Photo source: @dabirabeautypro

Written by Temitope Ikusika