Tips For a Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, unique and also romantic but are quite difficult to pull off due to various reasons. Outdoor Weddings come with a lot of challenges. However, if you follow these tips, things should turn out beautiful.

1. Prepare and plan for the wind
Outdoor weddings are mostly affected by weather. Therefore, there is need to inform your hairstylist what your wedding will look like to style your hair appropriately for the environment. Avoid using a light fabric for your bridal dresses and make sure you inform your makeup artist about your outdoor wedding.
Inform your guests also by indicating it on the invitation card for them to plan accordingly. And of course, make sure your tent can withstand the wind/Sun or rain

2. Make your guests comfortable
Make sure you consider your guests comfort when planning for an outdoor wedding. Don't leave your guests melting under the sun, have your ushers give guests ice-cold bottles of water as they are seated or place the tent in a place that will help shade the sun's rays. Also, if it is during a rainy season, inform your guests to wear an extra thick attire.

3. Make sure everyone will be able to hear
An outdoor wedding is usually interrupted by the sound of the rushing winds, water waves. This explains why you need to rent a good sound system that will help solve this issue for your guests to be carried along.

4. Make sure you pay attention to the decoration
One cannot deny the fact that outdoor weddings have its unique beauty, but this should not stop you from adding one or two touches to the decoration. Work along with your wedding decorator and make sure you both visit the venue before the day.

5. Have a Plan B
It is important you have a plan b when planning an outdoor wedding. The ideal outdoor wedding location should have an indoor location waiting to be used. Hence, make preparation for unexpected happenings like a change in weather.

On a final note, make sure you enjoy your day.


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Written by Temitope Ikusika