Tips To Note When Choosing Your Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is usually one of the highlights of the wedding ceremony. Every lady looks forward to having a beautiful and also a delicious cake for their wedding ceremony. Hence, efforts are made to ensure the wedding cake is not only beautiful but also delicious.
1.    Pay attention to choosing the right wedding cake
Don't ever be in a rush to select a cake. Therefore, take out time before the wedding to choose the right color, design (be creative about the design also). You can also ask for a friend's advice if you are confused on what to go for. Also ask around from people you trust for a recommendation.
2.    Make sure you taste the cake before booking
This is very important also, make sure you taste the cake before placing an order for it. Also, be rest assured you like the taste.
3.    Always communicate with your cake designer.
Let the person be fully aware of what you want and when exactly you want it delivered to avoid disappointment. Also, provide the baker with as much information about your wedding as you can, e.g. the venue of your wedding, the level of formality, your dress, the colors, the flowers etc.
4.    Choose a display
Don't forget to pay attention to the display details also. Do you want the table to be well decorated with a color that matches the color theme or a plain color entirely? Decide and also notify your wedding decorator. Note that a good table display will bring out the beauty of the wedding cake.
 Photo Credit: @santiscreations_cakes -Instagram
Written by Temitope Ikusika