Tips on How to Live Peacefully With Your In-Laws

Over the years, living with an in-law has not been an easy one and as such people try as much as possible to avoid this situation. However, people still find themselves in this situation due to diverse reasons.
If you fall into the category of living with your in-law, you need to put in the right efforts to ensure you live peacefully. Below are tips on how to live peacefully with your in-laws.

1.    Set boundaries
You should both set boundaries. This limit should include where your in-laws will sleep, who will be in charge of the house cleaning, cooking. Setting proper boundaries will help prevent conflict or misunderstanding because everyone understands their roles and responsibilities within the house.

2.    Have a clear idea of how long your in-law will stay
Being aware of how long your in-law will stay with your family or how long you stay with your in-law will enable you tolerant and overlook some rude behaviour or circumstances around you. Also, you will only be counting down to when they or you will leave the house.

3.    Communicate directly
Most people are guilty of this act, which is the wrong way to go about resolving any matter.
Hence, it is important you communicate directly with your in-law. You should politely talk with them if they have offended you.

4.    Try to understand the relationship your spouse has with his parents and siblings
Try as much as possible not to put your spouse in a situation where he or she has to choose between you and a relative. Understand the bond between them and support their relationship.

5.    Don’t meddle in the family argument
It is only wise to stay out of any argument between your spouse and his/her parents. Just leave them to settle any misunderstanding they may have.

6.    Set aside time for you and your spouse
It is important to keep the relationship with your spouse intact. Therefore, set aside date nights, this will help ease the stress of living with your in-law.


Photo Credit: nairaland

Written by Temitope Ikusika