Tips For 30 day Workout & Healthy Living Plan For Your Wedding

The process of planning a wedding is definitely fun. All the rush and excitement that comes with picking a venue, meeting with the vendors and getting the perfect dress or tux can't be overemphasized.

Most people never leave out the part of looking trim and fit on their big day.

Whatever you do, always have it at the back of your mind that there's really no harm in going out of your way to look perfectly toned for your wedding day. Also, know that your spouse loves you the way you are and so do we. 

While you countdown to the wedding, get rid of the stress level and give your body the perfect chance to look super hot on your big day.

 Below are tips on how to make the last month to your wedding the best by setting a fitness goal and getting that toned body for the d-day:

 1. Slow Cardio Routine - Normally, while trying to get fit, you're advised to run or jog but instead, take long walks, use the treadmill slowly. You could go cycling, do yoga or pilates. Anything that is easy to do just to get your heart pumping enough oxygen to your system to burn out the excess fat.

 2. Ab Workout - This is also good and with the help of a stability ball, you can do easy ab workouts at home. No gym membership required. You can engage in different exercises ranging from planks to sit-ups, to push-ups and so on.

 3. Muscle Toning - Getting fit doesn't just involve getting a flat belly, it includes stretching & strengthening the muscles. This could be accomplished with the using the right size of dumb bells. 

 4. Meal Makeover - If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, you have to put in the required effort. Exercising can't be your only resort in your weight loss journey, healthy eating is a must. Cut back on excess carbs and sugar intake, in no time you will see results. 

 5. Drink A lot Of  Water - Always stay hydrated. Drink water instead of soda. If you're finding it hard to cope with the blandness that comes with drinking mere water, you can always go for other options such as sparkling water or simply adding lime or lemon to your mineral water.

 6. Healthy Snacking - Cut off the intake of ice cream, cakes, and chocolates. For the countdown to the wedding, there are a variety of fruits to choose from. Snack on fruits to keep your mouth busy.

 7. Fiber up - Fiber which can be found in food like spaghetti, oats, barley,  bread or fruits like banana, orange and strawberries help in achieving a healthy weight. They are filling yet very low in calories.

8. Ban Processed Foods - This is another way to gain the excess weight you're trying to avoid. When trying to keep fit, you have to stay away from canned foods, processed snacks like chips and all sorts. Some of these junks are not only fattening, they also result in kidney failure too.

9.  Veggies - Add vegetables to your diet. They are low in calories and provide the body with essential nutrients.

10. Perfect Your Posture - With the exercises and healthy living, don't forget to work on your body posture and gestures. Train yourself on how to walk down the aisle, just to ensure that everything is in order.

This is a weight loss plan for both brides and grooms to be. This lifestyle will leave you refreshed and healthy. 

Written by Mathew Orji