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SWP Wedding Feature: #theOSSnuptials17



The Groom Says;

"It was a lonely Norwegian winter evening in November 2010; I was browsing through my Facebook timeline when I stumbled on a graduation picture of a young lady (Bisi Aynez) holding a bouquet on the one hand and hugging her proud mum with the other (her picture was in my way lol). I noticed her dimples and the happy smile on their faces. I liked what I saw (dimples and success) and decided to approach, however, with caution.

I sent her a friend request which was graciously accepted the following day. We had a brief chat on Facebook, but our conversation was at best formal.

Her monotonous response to my questions prompted me to spend ample time on her Facebook profile (some people call it stalking lol). After some due diligence, I noticed a tall "fine boy" in most of her pictures. This guy is everywhere. They looked perfect together. I made up my mind not to disturb the cute couple. Moreover, I am not a big fan of the “hang in there until they break up” or “assistant boyfriend” roles.

Our conversations reduced to "happy birthday" and "happy new year" for the next three and half years.

Fast forward to one evening in June 2014, she messaged me out of the blue. I was excited to hear from my pretty friend. Before getting comfortable, I asked about her handsome boyfriend, and she couldn't recall who I was talking about. I tagged her on one of their many pictures as I wasn't down for games. That’s my brother Dipo, she said. It was an unpleasant surprise. I stopped making generic assumptions from that day.

We laughed about how her many pictures with Dipo had caused trouble for both of them in the past. I still don't know why Dipo decided to mislead me. I asked her out three weeks into our rekindled friendship, but I honestly can't remember what her response was.

I visited Toronto two months later, and I must say she is a rare combination of beauty, brains, character and class. Our transatlantic relationship has been filled with fun, bliss and some exciting drama. We are similar in many ways but differ in few. Over the years, we have learnt to consolidate on our similarities and respect the differences.

Bisi is kind, honest, strong-willed (a fancy word for stubborn) and most importantly God-fearing. Her sacrifices and selflessness have made our relationship blossom. It's been almost three years, and I can't wait to walk down the aisle and spend the rest of my life with this awesome Ondo girl"


The Bride Says;

"There are different versions of our story. There is Segun's version, other's version and the truth, which is my version. Segun added (stalked) me on Facebook via a mutual friend's page. I couldn't help but notice his many faces, literally. When you look at four pictures of him, you almost see four different people lol.

We re-connected and started talking in June 2014. We immediately became very good friends and talked almost every day.

I met him for the first time in August 2014. I remember a very shy big guy, hiding behind his friend, as he walked towards my car lol. To his credit, he put his best foot forward, and the rest is history as they say.

Segun has made my smile bigger, and my laugh a little louder. Knowing and growing closer to Segun (My Otunba) has been life changing. He is intelligent, generous to a fault, God-fearing and most importantly, romantic. He once showed up at my doorstep unannounced all the way from Europe. That's got to be one of my happiest days.

He is everything I have ever wanted or wished for (when he is not being strict). I am excited to have you as my husband."

Bride : @hrhbee
Photo by @stanlophotography
Bride's dress @yemishoyemi
Bridesmaids dress by @joyce.f.designs
Make up by @msphilly21
Hair by @hairbyestylez
Venue @casalomatoronto
Planner @obaapa_creations

Written by SWP editor