Surprise Your Groom On The Wedding Day With Any Of These Gifts

The wedding date is inching closer and you have been thinking of a special surprise for your groom. Are you thinking about your endless expenses? Surprises do not have to cost money and in this case, it’s the thought that matters. Here are some useful ideas you may benefit from to surprise your groom with ranging from inexpensive to punching a hole in your wallet:

  1. Greatest Moments: As the most awesome bride, you could gather pictures that show the most precious moments you have shared with your groom like birthday celebrations, your engagement, during a holiday or even a Christmas selfie.  These could be placed in a small album or a picture frame with several partitions for different pictures.

  2. Chair Dance: It’s your wedding day so use this opportunity to release your inner “Beyoncé” by performing a special routine around your groom while he sits on a chair during the wedding reception. If you feel a bit shy, you can always do this special routine in your honeymoon suite where you will feel more relaxed away from prying eyes.   

  3. Handwritten Poetry/Letter: Gift your groom with a page of handwritten poetry containing words which have been carefully thought out, showcasing your unending love for him and how happy you are to be his bride. Tell him how much you care about him and try to lighten the piece a bit by talking about things that make him laugh or incorporate 10 things you love about him. This could be hand-delivered by his best man and it is a definite sure banker to clear off any nerves he may have on the wedding day.

  4. Timeless Piece: A watch can be an awesome surprise for your groom if he loves adorning his wrists with timeless pieces from his favourite designers. To lighten the mood, you can attach a quirky note saying “Don’t be late” or “It’s time to make history”!

  5. Cufflinks: Another awesome surprise for your groom may be cufflinks inscribed with your wedding date on one and his initials on the other. It will be great to gift him with these cufflinks on the morning of your wedding, hand delivered by his best man because he has “cuffed his chick”!

  6. Honeymoon Souvenir: If your groom has let you in on the honeymoon plans, you can gift him a special souvenir to commemorate your first holiday together as a married couple. This may be a branded t-shirt which says “best husband in the world” or “taken by her <-”. Alternatively, buy something from the local tourist or craft market when you arrive at your destination and surprise him with something that will always remind him of your honeymoon.

Good luck with your surprise gift to your groom on your wedding day!


Written by Feso Adeniji