Smart Ways To Spend Less For Your Big day

In Nigeria, a wedding ceremony is a big deal and as such lots of money are spent to make the day beautiful and memorable. Some individuals even go the extent of going into debt to ensure they have a glamorous occasion.

On the other hand, there are some set of people that cannot afford to spend lavishly on a wedding due to various reasons best known to them. Hence, these sets of individuals are in search of ways to save cost for their wedding. If you fall into the category, below are smart ways to save cost for your big day.

  • Don’t get married on a Saturday

Saturdays are generally known as the ‘owambe' days and as such lots of people are free and will be able to attend the wedding occasion. Therefore, picking a wedding date on a week day will help reduce the number of people that will attend your wedding, which will help you save cost.

  • Book your wedding vendors early

This is a smart way to reduce cost when planning your wedding. When you book your wedding vendors early, the sudden increase in price on any product or service won’t really affect your wedding budget. Also, if you have to pay, it will be a little because of increase in price, it won’t be as much as booking late.

  • Don’t serve alcoholic drink

If you are really keen on saving cost for your wedding, then you should not serve alcoholic drink.
The cost of alcoholic beverages is quite expensive, and it would eat a chunk of your wedding budget.

  • Go for a rented gown

Another smart way to save cost is to go for a rented wedding gown. Buying a wedding gown can be so expensive for a day’s occasion that can’t be re worn.Therefore, going for a rented gown is economical.

  • Do it yourself (DIY)

If you are smart and creative, you can look out for some things you can do yourself. There are some free tutorials online on how to go about some of those things you decide to do.

  • Think beyond the normal menu

Look beyond serving the normal menu that can be expensive. Instead look for affordable and also delicious food ideas. You can work along with your caterer.

  • Delegate duties to friends and family

To save cost, you can delegate your friends and family to duties such as Wedding coordinators, ushers e.t.c

  • Use the same venue

One of the easiest decision you could make to save money during your wedding is to use the same venue for both the wedding and reception ceremony.

Written by Temitope Ikusika