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Skin Care Series by Tega Gbadagri : Pre-wedding Groom for Men – Part 1

There is usually less emphasis on pre-wedding grooming for men, however the wedding day is as glitzy for the man as it is for the woman. Asides from a clean shave and hair cut there several other skincare priming that leaves the groom all dapper!
Here are some pertinent pre-wedding skincare activities to consider….
1. A pedicure and manicure – This hand and toe nail grooming treatment is definitely required as you don’t want the groom’s nails looking unkempt against the bride’s well-manicured fingers or faux nail art during ring exchange, nuptial feeding, dance etc.
2. A facial treatment – Much as this treatment is mainly sought-after by the female folks, Men do need facial, (may be not as often as a woman does). The extraction process during a facial helps unclog pores blocked with sebum, dirts or grease from after shave or face care products. The deep cleansing effect of a facial will surely leave the groom glowing and looking refreshed ahead of his big day.

Article by Tega Gbadagri
Instagram handle @mobilepatherapist
Photo Credit: mosaicwellnessbeauty.com

Written by Charity Adeyemi