Simple Guides To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Shape Wear

The right shape wear goes a long way in making you feel confident and looking the best in your wedding dress as your weight may fluctuate in the time leading up to the wedding. This fluctuation could be due to comfort food, crash diets and stress.

To help you feel awesome on your wedding day, here are simple guides to consider when choosing the perfect wedding shape wear:

1. Know your size: A smaller size of shape wear will create ripples under your actual dress and not give a seamless appearance.

2. Try it on before you buy: It's best to try on your shapewear along with your wedding dress so you can determine what suits your style of dress and body shape.

3. Comfort is key: You should be able to breathe under your wedding dress because you will be wearing and dancing in it for a better part of the day.

4. Colour of Shape wear: If you can’t find the perfect shape wear in white or ivory, do not fret because a nude/skin tone coloured shape wear can work with a white or ivory dress. The major rule is to choose a bright colour and save black for the “after party”!

5. Toilet breaks: Be ready to answer the call of nature and opt for a shape wear with an opening gusset. This means you don’t have to take off too many layers of clothing.

6. Expenses: As long as the shape wear fits well and serves your purpose, do not opt for a more expensive brand. Try to buy something that you might be able to wear again and choose iron over plastic boning to justify the durability of your purchase. 

Having said that, below are some handy guides to note based when choosing your wedding dress:

Strapless Dress: sholud have bustier for bust support, may have in-built cups.

Mermaid Dress: should have a seamless bustier or bodysuit to keep bust in place, cinch waist and project the hips.

A-Line Dress or Ballgown: may not need a shape wear but a bustier can be worn for bust support and waist slimming.

Backless Dresses: opt for a low back bustier, basque or body suit to support your bust. Alternatively, rely on sewn-in cups and go without a bra.

Plunging Necklines: wear plunge bras and bodysuits to provide the necessary bust support without revealing inner wear.

Make sure to leave enough time for your under dress shopping so as to get your package right and tight in your wedding dress! 

Written by Feso Adeniji