Signs Of An Imminent Breakup In A Relationship

Not every relationship leads to marriage, and not all relationship lasts for long. As such, there are some signs that you should look out for to prevent a "story that touches the heart".
Here are signs you should look out for.

1.    Little or no communication
Human relations is sustained through effective communication and as such a relationship cannot survive without communication.
Most times, reduction in the level of communication is a sign that shows the relationship won’t survive or is about to end.  Therefore, if your partner has suddenly reduced the amount of time you both communicate on a weekly or daily basis or hardly communicate with you, then it is a sign that your partner is making a move to end the relationship.

2.  Becomes secretive
Every healthy relationship is based on honesty, trust, and openness. Therefore, when your partner finds it difficult, to be honest, and hides everything from you, only for you to discover the truth from someone else. Then, it is a sign that the relationship is heading for the rock.

3.    Frequent quarrel
Quarrel and argument are also a sign of a healthy relationship. However, when the quarrel is frequent than normal, and you both exchange words and quarrel at any slightest provocation, it is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.
The relationship can become toxic and become quite ugly if you both don’t resolve the matter.

4.    Avoidance
Some find it difficult, to be honest about the relationship and about how they feel. Hence, they try to avoid their partner.
If your partner suddenly cancelled a plan you both had made or change a serious conversation about marriage; then it is a sign he or she is not interested in the relationship.

5.    No promise of commitment involving you
A promise of commitment is a sign that shows the relationship is healthy and it is making progress. If your partner hardly involves you in his or her plan or does not give a specific answer to some certain question concerning plans, it is time for you to move ahead.

Meanwhile, these signs may just be a character issue your partner have. Please apply wisdom and patience before making any decision.


Photo Credit:Juned11blog

Written by Temitope Ikusika