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Other Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse Without Saying "I Love You"

Like the saying goes “actions speak louder than words”. Love is beyond just saying the three magic words which are “I love you”. You also have to prove your words by showing how much you love your spouse and this is also very important. Showing your affection will help remove every iota of doubt your spouse may have about your relationship or marriage.
Below are ways to show love to your spouse without saying it.

-    Lend a helping hand
Lend a helping hand to your significant other whenever he or she needs help. You can express your love by doing some little things that will send the right signal to your spouse. For example: offering a hand while your lover is getting out of the car or fixing a dinner for your spouse when she is tired.

-    Listen to your spouse
Pay active attention to your partner by listening to them when they speak about things. This is the kind of listening where you should drop whatever you are doing to pay apt attention to them. Love isn’t just in your heart; it’s in your ears as well.

-    Remember important dates
Remember important dates that mean a lot to your relationship and also to your spouse. Keeping tab of those things will prove how much you love your spouse. For example, you should always remember your wedding or relationship anniversary or an interview your spouse went for. You should call to ask how it went or send a text message.

-    Be romantic
Show your spouse you love him or her by springing up some romantic act. For example: send a love text to your spouse during the day or leave a love note on the bed. Just give your spouse a pleasant romantic surprise, you can take your spouse on a romantic trip.

-    A simple touch
A simple touch can say a lot of wonderful things about the love you feel. You can hold your partner’s hand if you two are out in public and even when you are both alone. Grabbing hold of your significant other’s hand and holding it can make that person feel special. Cuddling up while watching TV will make your partner want to hold onto you and the relationship.

Written by Temitope Ikusika