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Is Online Dating an Option in Nigeria

There are quite a number of online dating apps in Nigeria, and there are even some particularly for certain religions.
Online dating or Internet dating, is a system where individuals can connect and contact each other to arrange a date, usually hoping it will lead to a profitable romantic relationship.
Some basic facts about online dating are:

· Online dating use cuts across all ages. You can meet anyone from age 18 to age 64.
· It's lost its stigma over the years and is better accepted.
· Although some of the dating sites are paid, there are so many free ones which can be trusted as well.
· Online dating is a good way to meet people.
· It's misconstrued that person who uses online dating sites are desperate.

So, with the information above, do I think online dating is an option in Nigeria?
Yes, I would say.

Unlike some ten years ago when the internet wasn't a popular thing or a widely-accepted option, now the internet is in the new society and has made online dating more modern and better accepted.

We have people doing businesses with strangers they had never met nor intend to meet via the internet, we have people with the same cause on the internet become real friends, and we have also heard of several stories of couples who met via the internet.

However, as much as I think the online dating is an option in Nigeria, what I cannot assure is the safety of it.

In an environment where data isn't readily available, and no one can easily trace anyone; it will be advisable to say anyone interested in this platform must be very cautious.

I read a story where a young lady met with her online friend and found out all information she was provided by the online friend were false. And, because she couldn't cross-check his details with any information online, she was robbed on the visit and almost lost her life.

Although this can happen anywhere in the world, it is easier to find out all you want about a person online in any developed country, as information are readily available and the security force is better equipped to rescue victims as soon as possible. Unlike here where data is incomplete, and anyone can decide to publish false information; coupled with our immature emergency system.

Some of the online dating platforms in Nigeria are Believersconnect, Naijaplanet, FirstMet, SexyNaija and much more.

Have you tried online dating before? Please feel free to share your experience.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Written by Olayinka Adelekan