Natural Hair Wedding Inspiration

People with kinky or curlier natural hair can benefit from the versatility of being able to manipulate their hair in different styles. Having natural hair isn’t a cause for a hair styling alarm on your wedding day because if handled properly, you may just look like the prettiest African Queen. Here are a few styles that may inspire you to pick the perfect combination of curls and waves on your wedding day:

Curly Updo with Hair Accessory

Curly hair pinned up with an elaborate flower or butterfly gives a romantic feel to a bride’s look. Girly styles like this always keep the bride feeling pretty and gives a youthful feel to her appearance.

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African Halo Twist Braid

Braids and twists are very popular for African-inspired styles and can be incorporated into traditional or white wedding styles and can be used for both relaxed or natural hair.

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Black Swirled Updo Hairstyle

This style will look good on relaxed or stretched natural hair because of the numerous waves created for the updo.

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Afro Puff with Highlights

This style is perfect for brides who wish to stay as natural as possible while showing off their natural hair texture and highlighted streaks of colour. Red, wine and honey blonde never gets out of fashion

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Long Twisted Braid

This is a perfect style to tame cascading curls and puffed up kinks into one long braid with pinned up circles and sleek edges. This style can be the star of the whole bridal look as opposed to the dress; it can be worn with a simple dress at an intimately set wedding.

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Any hair texture can be woven and pinned into a classy or casual style, but all this depends on the expertise of the hair stylist and overall health of your hair. Before styling your natural or relaxed hair in an updo or delicate style, make sure it's properly moisture before applying heat or applying stress to arrange it into a certain style. These styles are proof that you don’t have to succumb to the creamy crack just to put your hair up in a Victorian inspired updo!

Written by Feso Adeniji