Making The Cut

Making the Cut

If you've recently gotten engaged then CONGRATULATIONS! That's the hard part out of the way…Now for the harder part – the invitations. I'm afraid it doesn't get easier as you start to realize just how popular you are when you're about to get married. First of all there's your immediate family (whom you must invite by default), then comes your high school and college buddies (in their swarms), your current colleagues in the office (whom are already looking for the next shindig to poke their noses into), not to mention about half of your entire church congregation whom you're not close with but would have you kicked out of your various 'society' memberships if they discover (and believe me they will) that they weren't invited. What to do…where to start…Oh the dilemma!!!

Before you push the 'Elope' button you might want to take a deep breath and repeat this mantra -This is my wedding, not theirs. This is my wedding budget, not theirs. This is MY wedding guest list, not theirs! (Feel free to put a little aggression into it towards the end…that's it!). By now you've hopefully conquered your inner demons so that you have a clear head to work with.

Get a pen and a sheet of paper and start to prioritize your guests. Don't worry about your partner's guests – you can't take Aspirin for someone else's headache! Start with your immediate family, then your close relatives and your best friend(s). These are the crème de la crème. If your budget is really tight then I suggest you stop here (Remember your family, relatives and friends would still invite a few of their friends too and you can't stop them!).

If your mind goes totally blank at this point then just pull out your mobile phone and sift through from A to Zebadiah (which means 'gift of God' so I suggest you always invite him). Be sure to bypass your exes' names especially if you left them bitter. Why? If I was the victim of a life-shattering break-up and sitting at my ex's wedding ceremony then guess what I'd do when I hear the priest go '…and if any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace…'

How about inviting your boss? What about your neighbours? Would you consider your hairstylist? You can, if you feel so closely attached but the truth is that it's not compulsory. At the end of the day your wedding-do may eventually become a distant memory for most of your guests as time goes by (but not with the revolution that is Online Magazines!). So as you attempt to plan the Wedding of the Year, just remember that your wedding day is extremely important to 3 parties: You, your partner…and of course, Sugar! : )

By T. Anthony

Written by Sugar Weddings