Lifestyle Changes That Makes You Look Younger

Everyone wants to look good and young, no one wants to look older or even exactly their age. This explains why some people swallow different pills in order to look young and why some even go through plastic surgery to look really young but there are some simple things that can be followed to enable you look younger. You don’t need to spend lots of money on plastic surgery rather you just need to change your lifestyle concerning your health in order to look younger.

  1. Exercise regularly

This cannot be over emphasized because it goes a long way in helping the bones of your body, helps you keep fit, burns out fat and keep you away from visiting the hospital because your body system is healthy. In addition, a new study from Mc Master University Canada was carried out and the result shows that “exercise may reverse skin aging”

  1. Watch your sodium intake

Increase in sodium intake won’t help you look young .Try to reduce your intake in salty food because it results in retaining water which results in a puffy look especially in areas below your eyes.

  1. Eat food with high protein

Hair is part of a woman’s beauty and healthy hair can enable one look young. Protein helps in that area because taking an adequate amount of protein can help the hair to grow well.

  1. Learn to handle stress

We all can’t avoid stress because one way or the other we all are faced with stress but the good news is that we can work to handle stress if we determine to. Stress makes one look old by leaving wrinkles, acnes, pimple on ones face. Stress can be handled by taking time out to relax when faced with stress.

  1. Sleep

Enough sleep is very refreshing to the body because it relaxes the body and gives one enough energy for the day. Studies has shown that during sleep the body produces greater quantities of estrogen and progesterone. This boosts your skin’s natural repair mechanisms, which makes your skin to glow and it prevents acne.

  1. Avoid food that stains the teeth

Like the saying goes “no pain, no gain” As a result of that, looking young goes with letting go of some of your favorite food. Try to avoid food that stain your teeth like: coffee, chocolate, and red wine because good teeth is a sign of youthfulness and good health.



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Written by Temitope Ikusika