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I found sex tapes of my husband and other women on his phone. Should I confront him?

Dear Sugar,

I just lost my phone and had to use my husband's old phone temporarily. I was casually cleaning out the phone when i found sex tapes of my husband and other women. I was dazed and disturbed, still am. Should I confront him about it?
- Tinuke

Hi Tinuke,
This is very tricky but also very simple. If you want to get past this issue and stay married to him, you have to confront him. If you want to leave him, you also have to confront him, unfortunately. This confrontation is more for your peace of mind than anything else. You can’t assume or conjure up things in your head.
Don’t get me wrong, I would imagine it to be disturbing to find sex tapes of your man with other women on his phone, especially if you’re not into that type of stuff but still you need to ask questions first before you take a next step.

Good luck