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I’m a single mother who is dating, should I tell my boyfriend I have a child?

Dear Sugar,
I just started dating again since the birth of my child but i'm scared to tell my boyfriend about my child. What should i do?
- Busayo

Dear Busayo
It is imperative to be honest with your partner in order to lay a great foundation. Your child is part of who you are, it’s a package deal and a man who genuinely wants to be with you wont mind when you tell him about your child. Telling him you have a child is perfectly okay, you waiting on the perfect time to spring it on him may not work to your advantage.
In life you have to be honest with who you are , being a single mother is not something you can escape from. Understandably, they are men who would flee the moment you tell them about your child so its fairly natural for you to want to hide that part of you but there are also men that will stick with you regardless. In essence it’s advisable that you lay it all on the table within the first three (3) dates.

Wish you the best.