How to Throw a Party on a Budget

It’s that time of the year where the holiday jingles never cease and you
hear songs like, “It’s the mooost wonderful time of the year” as reiterated by Andy Williams.
It's festive season and there will be many situations that demand that you spend
a lot of money this Christmas, including getting family and friends together to party.
Don't forget that January is so long, with 31 days spread over five weeks.

That's why you should spend on a budget; to maximise your
finances and make sure you don't start the new year with a dry pocket.
So here are some pointers on how to throw a party on a budget:

Go Digital

With a few free applications, websites, email and social media, there are
so many ways to invite your nearest and dearest to the party. E-invites and
Whatsapp messages are ideal for a close-knit event of family and friends,
especially during this season.

Stretch the Planning

If you begin planning your party a few weeks in advance, chances are that
you will remember a whole lot of items to buy in advance and would save
money on! You can plan and save towards other
details of the party such as the venue, menu, invitations and party favours
after some thoughtful consideration.

Kill Two Birds…

With one stone. Have a birthday to celebrate around Christmas time? Have a
double celebration and cut down on buying champagne twice.

Signature Drink

Can’t hack liquor prices? Stick to a couple ingredients and a special
bottle to make a signature cocktail for all your guests. Even though
variety is the spice of life, variety is also expensive.

No or Low-Cost Entertainment

Apart from food and drink, you’d definitely need to keep your guests and
kids entertained with some fun games, age-appropriate of course. Think a
game of cards, musical chairs and the like.

Buy Online

Buying party supplies online may be cheaper especially if you’re gathering
all you need ahead of the time. You also get to take advantage of the
holiday deals and special promotions.

Remember, these tips apply to a variety of parties including showers,
birthdays and Christmas shin-digs. Throwing a party but afraid for your
wallet? Do it on a budget!

Photo source: @partyfully_yours

Written by Feso Adeniji