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How to Spot a Wedding Crasher

Wedding crashers are usually easy to spot in most cases because there is
always something odd about them. Sometimes, however, an uninvited guest may
do a good job of blending in. Not on your watch though! Here’s how you can
spot a “mogbo moya” at any wedding:

Photo Credit: photographybyobi.co.uk

The Wedding Crasher Wears a Very Different Attire

You can spot a wedding crasher when their clothes show that they didn’t get the memo. In a typical Nigerian wedding, the “Aso-ebi” or official attire is worn by most people. Those who don’t wear it at least comply with the colours of the day, which will be in the invitation. A wedding crasher’s attire does not conform at all to the Aso-ebi or colours of any group. In fact it’s totally off. They may even appear in formal wear, Ankara, or the dreaded Jeans and T-shirt.

Then there are the ones in more flamboyant dress than the bride. Just wow.

The Wedding Crasher Never Attends the Religious Ceremonies

You can never find a wedding crasher at the church wedding or the mosque. They’re not coming for what they think is the “boring” stuff. Ah ah, how will they showcase their talent when there’s no music, dancing or drink? Wedding Crashers show up to the reception where “the life happens” and there’s laughter and enjoyment.

The Wedding Crasher Only Came For the Food

Photo credit: www.fakingnews.firstpost.com

Yes, even the invited guests are longing for the food. However, the wedding crasher’s interest in eating is unrivalled. He/she is not interested in the couple, the speeches, gift giving or well-wishing. What concerns them the most is what is on their table. In fact, you tend to see more food with them than any other person. A well-experienced wedding crasher can never be seen around a table where there is no food. This only happens to people who are just new to the activity.

Are you guilty of crashing weddings? Let’s try and leave that behaviour in 2017 eh?

Written by Ojatula Opeyemi