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How to Pick the Best Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

A lot of thinking should go into picking a Makeup Artist (MUA) for your
wedding day because it’s not just a game of eeny-meeny-miny-mo. Here’s a
guide to help you choose a makeup artist for your special day:


Check out pictures and videos from the MUA’s past jobs just to make sure
you fancy her style of makeup artistry. Is the MUA’s style mostly subtle,
showcasing a person’s natural beauty or slightly more caked up with lots of
definition, emphasising facial angles? Ascertain your preference before
reaching out to a particular MUA.

Product Haul

Even if you like an MUA’s work, it is best to find out what products they
use, for your benefit. Make sure these are of good quality, unexpired and
up to the standard that you would buy for yourself. Also take your skin
type into consideration in order not to use products that you may
potentially be allergic to or do not appear flawless on your skin.


If people have referred you to a particular MUA, she must have amassed a
certain level of goodwill and social proof. This means she must have a
particularly good attitude in order to work with various clients of
different temperaments.


Go for a trial makeup session to experience the MUA’s service and artistry.
If you get a good vibe and you like how you look in the mirror, then go for

Accreditation and Community Involvement

Some MUAs have actually gone through the struggle of obtaining
accreditation from special courses and workshops especially with a proper
background in skincare and beauty. Their memberships in any community of
MUAs, societies or guilds also prove that they are open to learning and
improving their skills regularly. This sort of MUA is a serious one!


Endeavour to hire someone who can access your chosen prep location easily
and not someone who resides far away. This is important for time


Ensure that you can afford the service before booking it; although it’s
your special day and you would like to look top notch, try to stick to a
budget without unreasonably beating down the price.

Have you ever considered these points? You can also apply them to many
other events asides your wedding day. Keep Slaying!

Photo via: cdn.cnn.com

Written by Feso Adeniji