How To Create The Perfect Guest List

Congratulations! You have the ring and now your mother intends to invite the whole congregation to your wedding. How do you put things into perspective and plan the perfect guest list before other preparatory events occur? When is the best time to create the perfect guest list? NOW!

Ideally, the guest list should be prepared before planning commences because the guest list determines other aspects of the big day like seating arrangements, food and drinks menu and parking arrangements amongst other things. Here are some thoughts to consider with your hubby to-be prior to mapping out your perfect guest list:

1. Wedding Location: Discuss with your significant other whether this will be a destination wedding or will be situated in the heart of Lagos? If this is a destination wedding, how many people can afford the travel and accommodation expenses?

2. The Crowd: Talk numbers and arrive at a final decision; will it be an intimate gathering or a Ballers event?

3. Money Matters: What’s your overall budget like? The more people you invite, the more people you require catering for

4. Season: Decide on a date for your big day and ascertain whether it will be a summer or Christmas wedding. Are your guests likely to be on holiday? Are your guests able to travel during that time of the year to be with you at your chosen destination?

Now that you have considered these major points, it’s time to make your perfect guest list a reality. Your job will be made easier by placing your guests into these categories:

1. Immediate and Extended Family

2. Close friends and Colleagues

3. People from Associations, for example book clubs, running groups or church

4. Acquaintances (Optional)

As Nigerian culture demands, the wedding is not only for the bride and groom but for the parents so apportioning slots to both sides of the family is inevitable. Also make allowances for your invitees that have families (spouse and kids) by indicating “…and family” on the invite.

You should take note when you reach your desired limit and have a backup list of people you would like to invite should there be confirmation from others of their inability to be present at your ceremony. It will be best to confirm the attendance of your new invitees as soon as possible, especially if it’s a “strictly by invitation” event.

Now that you have created your perfect guest list, it’s time to roll out the invites. Good Luck!

Written by Feso Adeniji