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Honeymoon Essentials;The Ultimate Travel Pack

Most women have been on holiday before and get very excited when packing, but they would definitely feel the need to be more prepared than ever for their first holiday as someone's wife. For some women, the honeymoon motive is to excite and entice while others look towards rest, relaxation and g etting to know their lover better, especially with a change in relationship status. Are you planning to go on a honeymoon soon? Here are five honeymoon essentials you need to assemble your ultimate travel pack:

Maxi Dress

Prepare to dress this flowy number up or down with a pair of slings or sandals. Maxi dresses are quite comfortable and useful on holiday as you can wear them to many places depending on the climate of your honeymoon location. The beach, dinner and city tours are examples of instances you can wear your maxi dress.

Photo Credit: Toke Makinwa-Instagram

All Purpose Shoulder Bag

A spacious bag that you can travel with, take around town or dump your beach essentials in may be what you need for your holiday. It should be able to accommodate your ‘just-in-case' items like a pair of sandals, makeup, face wipes and a hair brush.

Photo Credit: pinimg.com

Swim Essentials

Opt for colourful bikinis or pure white one-pieces; stay classic and sexy with a light lace coverup if you need one. Be sure to get a bikini or swim suit that is your size and not one that's too big or small. It's best to avoid flashing ‘accidents' even on holiday.

Photo Credit:atlantablackstar.com

Sun Protectors

Big Floppy hats and sunglasses are must-haves in your travel pack, especially when travelling to tropical destinations. A bottle of sunscreen or daily lotion with SPF-15 to protect your skin from the harshness of bright sun should be in your travel pack.

Photo Credit: pinimg.com


There's something inviting about red lingerie- pack a full set including a bra, French knickers, suspenders, garter belt and knee highs. Spray your most expensive perfume and tussle your hair into a messy bun or let it cascade down your back. Your special appearance will set the tone for your motive to excite and entice!

Photo Credit: hitched.co.uk

Don't overthink your honeymoon wardrobe and just focus on easy things you can slip on… or off!

Written by Feso Adeniji