A Guide To Choosing Wedding Vendors In 2017

Weddings are meant to be happy events but end up being a representation of organised chaos. You may not have planned a wedding before or even been a 2016 bridesmaid. Here are ten tips that could serve as a guide to choosing wedding vendors for yourself or friends in 2017:

Set a budget for each expense on your wedding to-do-list: When you start planning your wedding, it’s good to do some research on average prices of wedding cakes, flowers and your wedding wardrobe. Follow this up by setting an amount to be spent on each expense.

Time is of the essence: Start looking around for your wedding vendors early enough to make the best choice so you can book your preferred vendors in advance.

Prioritise what you are interested in: This is the time to discuss and make decisions with your future spouse on what themes, décor, food and entertainment you want at your wedding. Although your family may have a say at some point, do ensure your needs are also met adequately and make them known to the vendors.

Take recommendations with caution: Referrals are great, but you must understand that people have different likes and personalities. This means that what your close friend Uche hated about a particular vendor may not be an issue to you.

Seek advice from recent clients: It is pointless seeking advice from clients that used the wedding vendor five years ago because operations may have changed. Search for recent clients via the vendor’s social media page and reach out to them nicely in exchange for an honest opinion.

Make sure the vendor has an online presence: It may be risky to use a vendor that has no social proof. It’s comforting to know you can find out how engaged a vendor is in the wedding industry by viewing past events and testimonials.

Ensure the vendor has good interpersonal skills: Asides customer service, your vendor, must be courteous and must not crack under pressure. The vendor must be able to relate well with you and others he/she is to work with.

First impressions may never change: If the vendor acted a certain way at your first meeting, do not expect behaviour that’s entirely different from that as it sets the tone for the rest of your working relationship.
Hire vendors who will work according to budget: It’s great to have a vendor who understands that you cannot exceed your budget and will strive to give you the best deal there is.

Keep your options open: Do not be afraid to drop a vendor and hire another one, provided you have not made any financial commitments already. This should be the last resort when you find that you are not business compatible.

Good luck in selecting the best of the best!

Written by Feso Adeniji